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*If your store is 4.3.0 or higher please follow this guide and make sure the ‘salt’ database column has no value*

If you have forgotten your admin password and for some reason you cannot get the “Reset Password” function to work please follow this process:

IMPORTANT: Our support staff have no record of your admin username or password and it is impossible for them to retrieve it for you. The following steps are the only way this can be achieved.

1. Access your CubeCart database using a tool such as phpMyAdmin. phpMyAdmin can normally be found within your web hosting control panel or you can download it from to setup.

2. Browse to the table CubeCart_admin_users. It should contain the list of administrator accounts to access the admin interface of your store.

3. Click the pen icon to edit the admin account that you wish to change the password for.

4. There should be a current value that looks like random numbers and letters about 32 characters in length. Enter your new password here and using the drop down menu under function select the value “MD5″. That will convert your password into a safe one way encoded “hash”.

Click “Go” to save changes.

5. Logout of phpMyAdmin and you should now be able to login with the new password.