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Error : When  try to install  template  or component in joomla and if it shows following error

* JFolder::create: Infinite loop detected
* Warning! Failed to move file.

Solution is : The problem is in joomla /tmp settings in global configuration.

1] Check the entry of ” Path of  Temp folder” in admin section of joomla ( “Global Configuration<< server ” ).

2] First create /tmp folder in your document root i.e where you have installed joomla and set this path. The default path is “/home/username/public_html/tmp”  and set 777 permission to /tmp folder.


It’s easy for Joomla itself (at its global config within online admin interface) but tricky for embedded virtuemart. Annoying thing is, after the domain name change you can not access config page online via admin interface.
Here is the file you have to make the changes to make virtuemart work after domain name change: (Remember you have to know what your folder your Joomla points to)


// these path and url definitions here are based on the Joomla! Configuration
define( ‘URL’, ‘’ );
define( ‘SECUREURL’, ‘’ );

After that all is set with your embedded virtuemart.