Our system is very easy to understand. We follow the following steps to resolve your issues.

1. Your client will contact us either by livechat or email.

2. Our level1/2 and level3 technician will respond to it.

3. If level1/2 technician will not be able to resolve the issue then they will escalate it to level3 technician.

4. If level3 technician will try to troubleshoot the issue and if fails to resolve the issue then it will be escalate to project manager/team leader.

5. If project manager/team leader fails to resolve the issue then it will be escalate to server owner/admin.

6. If necessary, our level1/2/3 technical or project manager/team leader will contact data center as well.

7. In any case if the issue is resolved then your client will be informed by live chat or email.

Server Monitoring:

1. Our level1/2/3 technician will always monitor your servers.

2. If they find any service down then they will immediately take necessary action to start the service.

3. If they find that server is down by any reason and it is not responding then our technician will immediately contact data center and will try to resolve the issue.

4. Server owner/admin will be informed in case of server down, DDOS attack, Overloading accounts, frequently services failed, spamming account.