Frequently asked question’s:

1. How long does it typically take to set-up support after signing up with you?

We will immediately setup your account and will start working within 24 hours.

2. What are the control panels you provide support for?

We Provide support for the following control panels.

  • Cpanel/WHM
  • Plesk windows/linux
  • Direct Admin
  • Webmin
  • LX Admin
  • Ensim
  • Helm

3. What are the server operating systems you provide support for?

  • Linux ( All flavors like cent OS, Ubuntu, Redhat)
  • Windows 2000, 2003, 2008.

4. What are the webservers you provide support for?

  • Apache (All versions)
  • Internet Information server (All versions)

5. What are the mail servers you provide support for?

  • Exim
  • Qmail
  • Hmail
  • Sendmail

6. Do you offer support in Spanish or other languages?

We do offer support only in english. Currently we do support in other language. If your customers do send issues in any other language then Servertechs engineers will ask them politely to rephrase in english.

7. What are your average and max RESPONSE and RESOLVE times?

We ensures 1 hour response and 6 hour resolution time. This means that we Guarantee to respond within one hour for all New Email tickets and Resolve within 6 hours. On an average though, our response and resolution times are generally faster than the guaranteed intervals.

A Response to a issue, is basically to show the customer that we have received the issue, and what we plan to do about it. A response reassures the customer that someone is out there available and who has understood what she is trying to convey.

A resolution is a correction of an issue or a reply to a help request, based on whatever information is provided by the customer in the first instance. In case the customer has provided less than the required information, the ServerTechs engineer will ask for specific information.

8. Do you handle live chat support ?

We provide support via Live chat/email and ticketing system. ServerTechs engineers are Level 1/2 and Level 3 engineers with years of experience fixing advanced problems and preventing server wide issues. We would rather have them support your servers and ensure resolution of all issues efficiently and proactively.

Hosting companies that do take our Dedicated Tech plan, can get Chat and/or Email based support.

9. Do you support servers with adult content?

Yes we do support servers with adult contents.

10. Does ServerTechs handle Billing and sales issues ?

Yes ServerTechs support handles provide support for billing and sales issues in some of the plans.