Any server connected to the internet will require steps and precautions to be taken to reduce the exposure to hacker threats. Web, mail and DNS servers are especially vulnerable. The Web server must be configured for security and have its applications and services configured for security. Simply let our security experts secure your servers.

Features of Server Hardening and Security Plan:

Features Basic Server Hardening Advance Server Hardening
Root Logger Yes Yes
APF/CSF Firewall Installation and Configuration Yes Yes
SSH Hardening Yes Yes
Install and Configure rootkit detection Yes Yes
Instrall Zend Optimizer Yes Yes
Install and configure Ip Tables Firewall Yes Yes
Install Mod Security Yes Yes
Install Brute Force detection software Yes Yes
Extended Binary Hardening Yes Yes
Scan and /tmp, /var/tmp Directories Yes Yes
Tweak Mysql Yes Yes
PHP Hardening Yes Yes
Log Rotator Installation and Configuration Yes Yes
Host.conf and Sysctl Hardening Yes Yes
Logwatch Installation and configuration Yes Yes
Remove Insecure and Un-needed software Yes Yes
Install Mytop No Yes
Secure Named Configuration No Yes
Mod_evasive Installation and configuration No Yes
Installation of Nobody check No Yes
Iftop installation and configuration No Yes
Install Eaccelerator No Yes
Install Munin No Yes
Install and configure MRTG No Yes
Install PRM – Process Resource Monitor No Yes
Install SIM – Sys Integrity Monitor No Yes
Install LES – Linux Environment Security No Yes
Install SPRI – Sys Priority Config No Yes
Install LSM – Linux Socket Monitor No Yes
Install PHP Sysinfo No Yes
Mailmon – Sendmail Monitor No Yes

Server Hardening Plan Price List:

Control Panel Price for Basic server hardening Price for advance server hardening
cPanel/Linux $50 $100
Plesk/Linux $50 $100
Plesk/Windows $50 $100
Helm/Windows $50 $100
Webmin $50 $100
DirectAdmin $50 $100
Ensim $50 $100
Plain Sevrer / without Control Panel $50 $100
Free BSD $50 $100